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NCE1 - Susie - sold

Susie is our lead Ewe, a natural leader.  She seems to call the shots without being aggressive about it and makes the final decision when it's safe to eat, drink or move from pasture to pasture. 

She is the watchful eye over the entire group and continues to do so even with the addition of new ewes .  Curious yet cautious and wise beyond understanding.  She has kept the flock together.


Susie has been exposed to FVente and we are looking forward to the Queen having a pair of beautiful lambs to offer again this year.


NCE3 - Phyllis - Sold

Phyllis was our only blue girl when we brought them to the place only a few years ago, but with the right feed and our regular veterinary  care we found that we have three blue girls;  Phyllis being the lightest blue gray of the three with the finest wool.

Phyllis gave us one big handsome ram last year and with her being exposed to Vente the lamb or lambs from her are sure to be nothing short of amazing.  I am targeting both of their wool qualities in hopes of having this come through in her lambs.



NCE4 - Grace - Sold in NE

Grace ; Her color, quality and confirmation ia going to give some very nice meat or wool producers.


Grace has been exposed to Vente for her 2013 lambing season. 



NCE6 - Yeti - Sold in NE

Yeti this year was exposed to Faust  and is this year is anything like last year she will offer up two large black lambs that will carry her very dairy udder gene.  











7NCE11 - Brownie - Sold to VT

Brownie pictured above here in January 2013, was the lead ewe of the golden fleece flock that we purchased in July 2010.  She has relinquished her leadership position to Susie and offers her complete alliance. 


By melting into the group her followers have been accepted and now they form one large happy family.  A wonderful thing about sheep, the more the merrier.

Brownie was exposed to Vente for our 2013 season .  




8NCE12 - Spotz - SOLD

Spotz is our only badger face in the group.  She is by far the tallest and largest ewe in the flock; rivaled only by Yeti when in comes to being tall and long bodied. 


Her fleece is lovely.  I think she will be the one to watch for more color then the others from the Golden fleece flock.   As she has the speckled badger face and striped hooves that the other do not.


8NCE13 - Hanna - SOLD to VT

Hanna seems to have the best fleece of them all, straight firm fiber with no crimp.

Hanna has been exposed to Vente and we are looking forward to her get with grand hopes for fiber show quality lambs.


10NCE14 - Amber - Sold to VT

Amber is a sweet young ewe that likes to place her muzzle in my hand.

  Look at how much my sweet Amber has changed this past 2years.  Her fleece is beautiful and silky! 


She has been exposed to Vente  for the 2013 season.

Strawberry - Sold to NE

Strawberry is the daughter to Grace.  Her wool is not the best.  But her build is really more of a good solid meat producer. 

She was exposed to Vente and I am better she will put a nice cut on our plates in the coming years









10NCE15 - Bonnie - Sold to KS

Bonnie is a darling.  There Was nothing striking or super special about her,  until this year when she went from drab to fab!!  (recent photo below).


Another great before & after shot of Ambers half sister Bonnie.   Long rich wool nearly to the ground and a honey tan color, nice for dying.

Bonnie has been exposed to Vente.  Watch for her 2013 lambs for market or show.

Savannah - Sold to NE

bred to Vente


Savannah - Out of Yeti - By Faust .  Born in 2011



Stitch - Sold to KS

She is a beauty to say the least.  Her Mahogany outer coat revealed an amazing grey blue undercoat!  What a lovely wool!


Stitch is the daughter of Spotz and she was exposed to Vente.  Let's watch and see what beautiful babies she gives us this spring!


Stickers - Sold to IA

Stickers is the daughter out of our late Miss Rose and by Faust.  She is not yet registered because I have not had the time to do her paperwork.


She was exposed to Vente and with her beautiful wool I can only anticipate that her lamb or lambs will be acceptional.



Gestation Calculator

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Sheep Is Life

Dine' be Iina; The Navajo Lifeway

The perfect place to learn "hands on" just how importantl the Navajo Churro Sheep breed was and still is to the Navajo People. learn about shows, art sales, classes and seminars and plan to join them for an annual Sheep is Life celbration coming in June, 2011.


Happy Goat Vitals

* Normal Temp:  Rectal 101.5 to 103.5

* Pulse: 70 to 80 per min

* Resperation:  Adults  10 - 30

      Kids  20 - 40

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