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Navajo Churro Sheep, Scottish Highland Cattle, Pygmy Goats, Guinea Fowl and more

Welcome to Absent Jack Acres

 ** We SOLD THE FARM ** as of June 2016 - we no longer have animals for sale -- this web site is here for information ONLY .. 


We are a Hobby Farm with a twist.  Located just outside the little town of Bellwood, Nebraska.

Absent Jack Acres was a place with a unique variety of farm favorites by species (goats, sheep & fowl) but non-traditional for the state of Nebraska by breed.



Our herd of Pygmy Goats consisted of registered and non-registered members with a variety of colors and personalities to fit anyone looking for a pet or show goat. 

We have  SOLD OUT  our flock of Navajo Churro Sheep and have shipped them to Montana, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Vermont. 


These amazing, medium build sheep are both tough and wild; yet as they age, they become wise and settled.  But they are still sheep.     









Our Guinea Fowl flock size varies from year to year. 


Along with the chicks, cats and dogs that call this place home.  


We take great pride in our acreage and do the best we can to make it special.  Our animals are happy healthy and live comfortably with more then they need to feel comfortable and safe.




We loved sharing our passion that set us apart from any other farm in the state.  And this passion shows when you visit our little slice of Nebraska.

This was not your typical goat property!  

We took pride in our place.  We wanted it to be welcoming with safe pastures, correct fencing, carefully designed housing and all with the consideration for the security and well being of the herds and flocks we tend.


Take your time; look around and read about why we raised the animals we did.  

Some of animals may be the answer to questions you have been seeking for years. 

Nebraska Premises ID: 00J7EU8

Our Foundation

  ** We SOLD THE FARM ** as of June 2016 - we no longer have animals for sale -- this web site is here for information ONLY .. 


Navajo Churro Sheep - SOLD OUT -  Proud to say that we were the only registered flock of this ancient breed located in Nebraska.  But not any more.  This amazingly versatile sheep breed is more then what you would expect. 

Lambing 2014 is in someone else's hands now.  If you are interested in lambs, please contact me and I will share the e-mail address to the new owners.

Learn more at the Navajo Churro Sheep page.

------------------------------------------------------------------------African Pygmy Goats - SOLD OUT

We Love our Pygmy Goats!   They may be small  but they are packed full of personality.  Both loving, energetic and trainable, making them the perfect hobby farm pet or project.  

Learn about Pygmy Goats: Read the Q&A's on the Goats are Fun page and also the Kid Goat Hand Book can be printed for a quick reference guide for young an old.  


You can see pictures of some of the Mother goats we bred for this years kidding season  by viewing Kidding 2013


Some of our goats have come to us without horns but most of our pygmies grow up with their natural crown of glory.  We like them that way.


The New play fort is complete, a stair case off the other side gives an escape for little ones and a lounging area during hot day under the decks!!  How COOL is this, thank you Glenn for all your hard work and being so creative! 

Many photo's of the past years pygmy kids and lambs can be found on the "Photos" page of this site. 


  ** We SOLD THE FARM ** as of June 2016 - we no longer have animals for sale -- this web site is here for information ONLY .. 

Scottish Highland Cattle - SOLD OUT  -  All of our cattle have moved to South Dakota and are no longer available for sale.  But the information is here for your refernce:   A medium size bovine with a gentle personality and very interesting look.  Best suited for colder weather with long hair.  These animals were brought to the United States and used as Ox to pull wagon and plows; a smart, strong, versatile breed.   

Learn More about them at our Scottish Highlander

We will not be offering calves for sale any longer.  Our herd has been sold.  The information will remain for those looking for information about the breed.


  ** We SOLD THE FARM ** as of June 2016 - we no longer have animals for sale -- this web site is here for information ONLY .. 

African Guineas - Most hobby farms have at least one type of feathered friend -  We have a passion for Guineas. 

If you have ticks, Grasshoppers, bees, bug in general; these fun but noisy birds may be the answer to your problem.  They have been known to kill snakes (including rattle snakes as I have been told).  They will also help with mice and rats.   

In 2006 we were bursting at the seams with Guineas; housing nearly 300 adult birds that range over our place and the near by meadow of patient neighbors.   

Baby guineas known as keets and adults birds are for sale each fall.  Learn More about this amazingly unique fowl at the African Guinea Fowl page of our site. 

Come Spend a little time at our site; look around and  ask questions by submitting a message through our Contact Us page. And thank you for pointing out corrections to our site; sometimes I miss them and more eyes are always welcomed! 

AJA's 2013 Breeding Season Males

  ** We SOLD THE FARM ** as of June 2016 - we no longer have animals for sale -- this web site is here for information ONLY .. 



NAVAJO CHURRO RAM-Sold to a breeder in Vermont

Meet Vente'

Pictured here with 4 months wool growth.



Vente' is a 5 year old Badge face red maned ram.  And he is lovely!!




PYGMY BUCK - 2014 Kidding season is going to be some one else's responsibility.  McLovin & Vinney have done their thing and it is time for them to all be sold before we move.  


We now have a NPGA Registered Pygmy Buck on site.  Westsun Pygmies Regal McLovin now belongs to Absent Jack Acres and will be covering the majority of our does for 2013 kidding season.


McLovin comes to us from Teesha Lee at WestSun Pygmies in Utah.  The show quality buck has 2 Grand Champions and 2 Reserve Grand Champions under his belt.  This is one well built guy.


Then we have Vinney, a miniture silky. Unregistered but absolutly adorable to say the least.  We will be using him on some of our first time mothers and the long hair girls to see if they produce.


We are looking towards 2013 and I am sure there will be an abundant crop of kids for you to select from in the spring.  

As always our goal has always been to Go SMALL or don't go at all but we have diversified some to meet the demands and requests from so many.  Personally we like them built right from the ground up, clean lines bright eyes and just enough attitude to make it fun.


Our Primary herd offers, small and compact.  Our  second string is more diverse and will give us both taller and a little longer bodied goats.  What ever pleases your eye, I thikn we will have one for you.


A complete photo album of the Does will be added soon so you can start thinking about who you want to be the mother or your kids. (that sounds funny).  


Stay tuned to see which Buck or Bucks we decide on to cover our girls for 2013.  Kidding season will be a wild one again!


Hair Sheep are growing in popularity

Hair Sheep are gaining ground in the United States


With the popular movement strengthening in the direction of the hair sheep breeds because of their exceptional flavor and some breed having the low maintenance shedding wool genetics; the Katahdin and Dorpers are truly leading the pack.  Along with offering the low maintenance hair sheep breeds lead the flock when it comes to the taste test studies conducted by several universities.



The hair sheep breeds superior taste and quality cuts of meat can be attributed to the extremely low amount of lanolin in the wool, hide and skin.  Lanolin seems to permeate the skin and offer a somewhat wild or unpleasing flavor and aroma in the meat of wool breeds that is not found with hair breeds.


As a child I recall the displeasure of the lamb served, the smell alone was not something I want to rush to the table for.  However with our Navajo Churro sheep; which is one of the heritage breeds.  I can enjoy a tremendous amount of flavor, pleasant cooking aroma and beautifully lean cuts of lamb like I never thought I would even enjoy.  It is still a sheep but it is nothing like what I remember.


Aside from the Katahdin and Dorper breeds; you need to consider other hair breeds raised here in the United States and possibly in your local market such as: Barbados, Dahl, Cheviot, Navajo Churro’s, Shetland, Icelandic’s, Montadale and Mouflon.


Not all hair sheep shed their wool like the Katahdin and Dorpers; some breeds do require shearing annually at a minimum.  Breeds such as Icelandic Sheep, Shetland Sheep and Navajo Churro’s are fine examples of hair sheep that require shearing.  They too contain the very low lanolin content in the wool, hide and meat.   


All of which are found here in the United States and are available to you in nearly every state in a range of prices either by the pound or by the head.


To be a breeder of any of the hair breeds is a window to the future and to be one that enjoyed a beautiful cut of meat on their plate, you really need to find a local supplier or breeder and try a hair breed; you will thank me for the recommendation.  Honestly.


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