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Mineral Tub Rack


Do you have a problem with

your sheep or goats standing

IN the mineral tub to eat it?

Do they urinate  IN it too like ours

use to?  Reduce the waste now!


    We solved the problem!


Our Mineral Tub Rack is designed to

allow goats and sheep; both young

and old access the mineral tub and

discourages them from standing on

or in the tub leaving "their mark"


Our Racks are a healthy way to

offer your free choice mineral with

out the waste and manure.  


    Hardware kit's and easy to follow 

    instructions - You simply supply the

    lumber from your local lumber yard or

    scrap pile; cut according to our

    diagram; making adjustments as

    suggested on our pre-plan-it before

    you build introduction.

       Then assemble and paint.  

       0;       It's really easy!


Tools required to assemble; "Hardware Kit",

screw gun, hammer, circular saw, straight

edge, pencil and paint.

Don't waste another tube of Mineral

Get your mineral out from under

their feet and start saving money! 

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