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Water Color Art by Shannon


"Blue Heart"

Blue Heart is a painting of a young Appy colt that I noticed one day in a pasture years ago.  That cute little face with a striking confirmation simply caught my eye and stuck in my mind for years.  He came out here in shades of blue.

Like a patch work quilt even then his star was noticable and sweet.

I have to apologies for the plastic wrap job on all of the peices. They have been stored in a basement and I try to protect them from water, dirt and any type of damage the only way I know how.






This water color peice was created while living on the lake just outside of town.   I named it "Wild Beauty"


I hope to have poster copies available for sale in the near future.

I need to locate a printing company to work with me on the issue of size and quanties to print.

 If you are interested in purchasing a copy please let me know by contacting my thru this web site.


"My Country" was a painting of my  ranch horse that I loved and spent countless hours roaming the fence lines and checking cows on the 50,000 acres peice of hevan in Baker County, Oregon. 

Country was a patient spirit; allowing my cow dog 2e to jump up and ride the skirt of the saddle while we made our way side hilling from draw to draw.

Poster size copies may become avilable to those interested as soon as I can locate a shop that is able to reproduce my work. 

They are covered in layers of plastic wrap as you can see; to keep them clean.  But it doesn't diminish the beauty and strength of the animal.


                 Special Order's Welcomed                  

Colorful water color paintings can be created of your favorite pet from a good photograph in about 60 days.   

To place and order for a painting please us the "Contact Us" option on this site and share with me what you are thinking.  

Specify desired Size, Color and include the picture if you can and a little story about your favorite furry or feathered friend.

I will confirm that I have received your message and then we can make plans, discuss price and time required.

A non-refundable deposit will be required.  The deposit will go for the purchase of the canvas and supplies .   Each painting will vary in price.

I look forward to hanging My creationd in Your home  soon;


Shannon M. Dugan 

More Water Colors


"Mare & Foal"

Inspired by the obvious; nothing is more beautiful then the connection between a mare and her foal. 

This lovely pair just arrived one day in my thoughts.  They are both calming and attractive, the kind eye is past from mother to young here.  The rich color creates so much interest yet blend nicely.

I really love this peice.






"Kind Eye"

I really enjoy working with blue, purple and green.  The colors blend and mix well and complement each other as I work.

"Kind Eye" was an attempt to get closer to the soul.  I wanted to have something just a little different with the oval canvas and it just seemed right to try a close up peice.

I wanted the lashes and brow to feel as if you could touch them and almost place your forhead against her star and know she was standing there with you.





Retail Window Art by Shannon

 Fun Art Projects -

Columbus Days 09

 I love creating art and one of the things  I enjoy is reverse window art mostly from a photo or inspirational source.

This was one of the windows that I created for a freind of mine who sells "Pampered Chef". She opened a temperary shop during the

week long event 2009. 

The Theme for 2009 was "The Music, The Food & The Fun".  Below are Shots of the Blue Ribbon 1st Place Prize winning windows I created to support our Columbus Days 2009

 The Music    Columbus Days 09

 Columbus Days 09 The Food

& The Fun  Columbus Days 09







These painting are all created and painted on the inside of the store or shop windows.  They are durable peices that will last a long time if not scratched or chemically altered.  To remove the paint required simply warm soapy water, terri cloth rag and a bit of elbow grease.